Lightening Strikes, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice…

Big Things Happening…

…And it feels so good. I am VERY happy and excited in a way that I can’t quite put into words – After much back and forth, deliberation, editing, re-editing, writing, re-writing and lots, lots, LOTS of reflection and thought, I am releasing my first novel on October 1st. After several incarnations, rewrites and two new titles, All That Glitters will finally be available for public consumption and I couldn’t be more ready. I’m nervous, of course – It’s always terrifying to let your baby go out into the world alone – but I’m mostly ready. And excited. And elated. And confident in myself in a way I didn’t think I could or would be after the nightmare of being ignored after several months’ worth of one-way communication with a publisher that couldn’t have cared less about the manuscript and, more importantly, my growth and career as a writer.

But, alas, I am not trying to burn bridges. I believe in positive energy. Like all bad break-ups, I’ve been through the stages: Denial, jealousy, anger, sadness, etc. And, like all of my bad break-ups, I am confident to the very core of my being that I’ve come out the other end stronger, happier and free. I trust my instincts. I trust my professional background in Marketing, Public Relations and Communications. And, most of all, I trust myself. Much like every other Virgo in the universe, I am a perfectionist. I believe that my work (in this case, my writing) is a representation of myself – Really, the ONLY representation of myself that many readers will ever know and I take that very seriously. I would never put a product out that I didn’t believe was quality or worth its price. That said, I am not writing to make money, to show off or really to do anything other than share a deep passion of mine with like-minded individuals who may even buy the book, read it and review it. I could care less about dollars, percentages and earnings. I am so DAMN excited that All That Glitters will see the light of day and that people outside of my immediate circle will read and hopefully enjoy a genuine labor of love. If a handful of people read it and communicate with me about it, that makes it all worth it.

After being very much soured on professional publishers and spending several days researching every minute aspect of CreateSpace, I am confident that self-publishing is right for me. I can’t say if I will ever go the formal publishing house route again – Never say never, right? At this point, I am ready to get All That Glitters out there and hit the ground running with self-promotion and networking – Talking to people, going to festivals, giving away books, sponsoring community events and doing other fun stuff that will hopefully help spread word about my book. Because, at the end of the day, your passions should be fun and make you feel good. And, after a long period of uncertainty, I feel DAMN good. It’s time. October 1st is right around the corner.

All That Glitters certainly won’t be some monumental, sensational boundary-breaking Great American Novel (although I would love to read a lesbian version of Pride & Prejudice – just sayin’. Someone get on that, please?!) – But it IS light, fun, a bit tongue-in-cheek, a whole lot campy and, most importantly for my books, relatable. I hope that people enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it and creating two main protagonists that I feel I could seriously fall in love with (if I was single – side-note from my amazingly supportive girlfriend). I’ve been full-out passionate about the story since the evening I began messing around in Word and actually putting thoughts to (virtual) paper and watching it snowball into almost 100,000 words. My passion hasn’t waned over the months (years?) and I’m sure that it comes through in the book. So, without sounding totally creepy, I hope readers can feel and take hold of my passion too. Err, umm…Never mind.

Y’all rock for hanging with me this long while All That Glitters has developed and the various bugs worked out. I look forward to sharing my book with you and many, many books in the future that my twisted little brain hasn’t even cooked up yet. I’ll be updating much more frequently with more information and the occasional random musings that this blog has come to be my sounding board for.



2 responses

  1. Ruth Rojewski

    Yes yes yes…….I believe in you!!!!!! Let me know what I can do to help promote – Anderson’s book store in Naperville has a lot of book signings – I’m excited for you – I’m proud you are my daugher!!!!!!!!!!!!

    September 6, 2012 at 3:14 PM

  2. Bonnie

    So happy you are finally going to get it out there.Way to go Megan!!!Exciting things are in your future.

    September 6, 2012 at 11:52 PM

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