Lightening Strikes, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice…

Status Update

I’m really excited to let everyone know that I am nearly done with the final round of edits on the author/final proof copy of All That Glitters. I have been diligently living and breathing this story and am down to editing the last two chapters. I can’t emphasize how helpful it was to receive a final proof paperback copy of All That Glitters last week – It really forces you to read your book as, well, a reader! I know I’ve mentioned it before, but when reading it that way it really helps to point out those small nuances and tiny flaws in sentence structure, wording, grammar, etc that obviously need to be corrected before officially publishing.

So it has been a wonderful learning process and this final round of editing (I’m sorry, every time I type that I get “The Final Countdown” by Europe stuck in my head) has gone by surprisingly quickly. At this point, all of the actual rewrites have been completed already so it really is just fine-tuning it to a book that I hope everyone that reads it also enjoys. And maybe even laughs at a little bit. I try to keep my writing as balanced as possible between sweet, lighthearted, campy and sexy, so maybe All That Glitters is like that fun Jimmy Buffet-lovin’ cousin everyone has that wears Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian print shirts….All year ’round.

I try to always stay with one project until it’s completely finished before forging ahead on another. I’m eager to begin writing a new book – The plot of which has been burrowed in the back of my head for nearly 6 months. I’m excited to explore it further and see where it takes me after submitting these final edits. I’m feeling pretty good all around and, of course, excited to see a project I’ve worked on for nearly two years come to fruition.

That said, DAMN! I never realized how much writers REALLY need to love their story to take it from those beginning stages all the way to the end product in a quality manner! Luckily, this is a story that I very much believe in and characters that I’ve grown to love (flaws and all) like they’re my own. Er, well…I guess they ARE my own. Weird. LOL – But, point being, I have a newfound respect for those seasoned writers that stick with it and don’t half-ass it, simply to share their art and their stories with the world.

I need to start reading again too. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted a Book Report blog and one of the things that continually inspires me and helps me grow as a writer is, naturally, reading all sorts of different genres and novels around me. I haven’t sat down with a stack of books in a long time, and it’s something I’m looking forward to doing as the weather turns chillier and the days shorter.

Anyone have any suggestions? I haven’t met a biography I didn’t like – What can I say? I love getting inside peoples’ heads and learning from their struggles. But, then again, I love everything Laurie Notaro has written too – So I’m clearly a sucker for camp and laugh-out-loud funny. Looking forward to everyone’s must-read suggestions. It’s about time I spent a chunk of change at the bookstore!


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