Lightening Strikes, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice…

All That Glitters – The Characters

So hopefully you’ve all read All That Glitters by now…Right?! 😉 Right. Hopefully you have all laughed a lot, felt flashes of anger and sentimental at the appropriate places and been entertained for a few hours. Anyway, there is quite a spectrum of very different characters reflected in All That Glitters and a couple of people have asked me who my favorite one to write was.

Since I can’t exactly take the easy way out and say “All of them were!” and aside from the two protagonists being my favorite characters, it’s hard to pick which from who’s left. There were a couple that I absolutely despised, but the story would not have been the same without (and, in the real world, we don’t like every single person that we meet so having that bit of realism was important to me too).

There was one, however, that I really grew to love as she guided me throughout the story, and that was Angela Murphy (Michelle’s mom). For those who haven’t read yet, she became a teenaged mother when she gave birth to Michelle and their story starts out pretty hopeless. She’s a selfish person without the slightest inkling on how to raise a child, because she is still a child herself. She is still going through those periods of growth throughout her youth, only she has a child along for the ride. Angela slowly becomes a better mother as Michelle gets older. She was definitely my favorite (outside of Alexis and Michelle) to write in the parts of the story written in the present. I didn’t like her so much in the parts of the story written in the past, but it was necessary so she could evolve into the present-day Angela. And who wouldn’t want a relative or friend like present-day Angela?

She was based on a lot of different personalities – A pinch from a few “younger” mothers I had known in the neighborhood I grew up in, a touch from a former co-worker, a hair or two from a couple other women I know, you get the idea. It’s weird – I started writing her and I didn’t like her. I went in with the intentions that she was to be another villain, another block between Michelle and Alexis. As the story progressed, Angela somehow metamorphosed right before my eyes. She wasn’t a villain – Severely misguided, sure, but not an inherently bad individual – And the only reason she was a block between Michelle and Alexis was because of Michelle’s own insecurities and tendency to jump to conclusions. By the end of the book, I wanted to jump into the story and hug Angela. And, I swear, that wasn’t my original intention but I’m beginning to realize that these characters have a way of taking off on their own as things progress and trying to force the story otherwise just wouldn’t work as well.

So, yes – Admittedly, Angela Murphy was my “other” favorite character to write in All That Glitters. Her dialogue was fun, her character was very important to the story and she proved to me that characters really do take on a life of their own and don’t always turn out exactly as you had originally envisioned them. Can’t wait to move forward with the next book(s) and see how these new characters floating around in my head take shape and lead me through their world!

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