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The Next Big Thing (A Blog Hop Post)

As part of the “The Next Big Thing Blog Hop”, I was tagged by the wonderful Kat Wheeler. The purpose of participating in this fun project is to discuss my book and introduce readers to other awesome writers (and dare I say friends?) that I highly recommend checking out as well.

I will be answering the same questions about my book that Kat answered about hers and the authors that I tag will also answer about their works in progress (or published works) next Wednesday.

Good? Good! Now, getting started…

What is the working title of your book? 

While I do have a fairly new work in progress, people that have been reading my blog know that titling is the last and final thing I ever do. However, the book that I currently have published is All That Glitters and I definitely recommend checking it out but, uh, I’m probably a little biased.

-Where did the idea come from for the book? 

To be honest, I knew I wanted to do something sweet, fun and sexy. I had thought of the two main characters (Alexis and Michelle) before I put anything else together. I knew that I wanted Michelle to be an up’n’coming singer out in Hollywood in her adult life because, well, who doesn’t love the intrigue and complications that a career in the public eye can bring a relationship – especially a same-sex one? The book really took on a life of its own as I started writing and guided me into totally different places than I imagined going – As I went on, I knew that I didn’t want the fact that Michelle was living a lie in the public eye (and now I’m a poet and didn’t know it 🙂 ) to be the one, only and main theme. I wanted a lot of the story to focus on their past together, the things that so often happen in schools, with friends and when young, unsure and faced with peer pressure.

Bits and pieces are from my own experience (mostly witnessed, some experienced and then embellished upon) but the majority of All That Glitters really just came in droves as I continued to write and explore the characters.

-What genre does your book fall under?  

It is lesbian romance but I’ve also heard it referred to as lesbian chick-lit. I prefer the general blanket genre of lesbian fiction.

-Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? 

Oh, I love playing the fun “If Only!” casting game. I guess my top choice for Alexis would be Mila Kunis and my top choice for Michelle would be Amber Heard. Especially for the love scene. Oh…my…goodness. Okay, sorry, what was the question?!

-What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? 

Up’n’coming singer Michelle Murphy unexpectedly returns to the hometown she despises after an accident involving her estranged mother, where a series of situations, several twists and one particular woman leave her reflecting on herself – Past, present and future.

Okay, so that was a clear run-on. Hard to sum up in a single sentence!

-What is the longer synopsis of your book?

Michelle Murphy and Alexis Vlodosky have been in love since they were teenagers, although their childhoods could not have been more different. Michelle is playful, determined and ambitious – Despite being the only child of a teenaged, alcoholic mother who sometimes lets her judgment of the men she allows in their home throw wrenches in her relationship with her daughter. Michelle knows what she has to do to leave the small, redneck surf town in Florida where she’s lived her entire life to make it as a singer in Hollywood. Nothing – and nobody – will come between her and that goal.

Alexis, who moves to Florida from New York City with her Jewish father, French Catholic mother and autistic younger brother, is wildly intelligent and becomes instantly enamored with the feisty Michelle after she accidentally wipes out in their driveway on her skateboard. Over the course of a year, the two girls become close, passionately involved best friends and, as high school starts, they begin to question whether their feelings toward one another are ‘normal’ and ‘right’, two things that Michelle desperately knows she needs to be in order to fit into their tiny, prying town.

As high school progresses, rumors of their relationship surface among the other students. Michelle throws their friendship – and everything else – to the wayside, shattering Alexis’s heart in the process and forcing Michelle to realize that no matter how much she tries to control her actions, she still can’t control her feelings.

Ten years after high school and Michelle is at the brink of stardom. Having just finished her first international tour, a guilty conscience forces the twenty-seven year old singer to return to Florida after her mother is involved in a bad car accident. Disillusioned with the direction of her career, she leaves her cautious, nit-picky agent and action movie star boyfriend – who is harboring a deep secret of his own that could ruin his image and career if it were to go public – to return home, tend to her mother and be back in Hollywood just in time to accompany Tyler to the premiere of his newest summer blockbuster. What on Earth could go wrong?

What nobody, not even Michelle, counts on is crossing paths with Alexis Vlodosky again. Alexis is eager to move on after finishing her residency at the hospital as the harsh memories of high school have soured her taste of this small town. After one night, they quickly realize that the fire is still burning deep within each of them. Michelle has to make a decision, but when faced with scores of paparazzi, an alcoholic mother desperate to make amends before her own secret is revealed, run-ins with unsavory past acquaintances, gossipy nurses, a neurotic agent and a fake boyfriend that needs Michelle for his image just as much as she needs him for hers, who will run first?

-Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Like Kat, I am also an indie author so All That Glitters was published via CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

-How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

The first draft of All That Glitters took about 2-3 months. I also work full-time Monday through Friday, so this was mostly entire weekends and evenings holed up and writing. I had given myself a deadline of finishing the first draft before I went to Tahiti (in February of 2011), which I did. I think I had started it around September of the year before, took a few weeks off to regroup and then jumped into it wholeheartedly after that.

-Who or What inspired you to write this book?

The generation after me. I wanted to write a real, honest and accurate portrayal of homophobia in both small-town America as well as a high school. Do I think All That Glitters will change the world? Absolutely not. Did I want teens and young adults to be able to read it, feel like someone understood and have a story that spoke to them honestly while still being able to dip into the land of fantasy and make-believe for a while? For sure.

-What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

I’d like to think that there are many different layers and aspects to All That Glitters that appeal to many different women of all ages and types. I’ve tried to make it a fun, sassy story with just enough wry humor and tugging on the heartstrings to be relatable and interesting from start to finish. Hopefully that came through in its pages!

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If you’re a fellow writer and would like to participate in this Blog Hop, please reach out to them and let them know – The more the merrier!



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  1. Whoa this sounds excellent I can’t wait to do this The Next Big Thing (Blog Hop Post.)
    Thanks so much for thinking of my blog and book. 🙂

    November 21, 2012 at 11:16 PM

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