Lightening Strikes, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice…

WordPress and Internet and SEO, Oh My!

So I’ve finally got around to playing with all of the settings and nifty features that WordPress offers bloggers (as in, yours truly) and I had to share some of the best of what I’ve discovered.

I’ve had this blog for nearly two years now and I was curious what people were typing into search engines to find me or (probably more accurately) what they typed in that landed them here, whether they meant to visit my blog or not.

Apparently readers really loved my anecdote about being locked against my will in a bathroom with 50 other lesbians…During a tornado, no less. I know that they loved reading about this harrowing experience so much that phrases such as “lesbians in bathroom pics“, “lesbians locked in bathroom“, “bathroom lesbians“, “50+ lesbians” and, my personal favorite, “two lesbos locked in the bathroom” were typed into search engines to relive that fateful day at Milwaukee’s PrideFest with me. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that the first search phrase MAY have been someone looking for something else and they MAY have landed accidentally on my blog instead. Poor someone, hoping for dirty, kinky porn and ending up here instead.

Additionally, I’m hoping that I may have caused (however inadvertently) a mini-uptick in business at my favorite South Side fried chicken joint. How? Because people landed on my cool little corner of the internet after searching for “good fried chicken on south side in chicago“, “best fried chicken in south suburbs“, “great fried chicken in south suburbs of chicago” and, from someone who clearly knew what they were after, “fried chicken in a basket“.

Then there were search phrases that make absolutely zero sense and I can’t imagine how they landed here, but hey…I welcome everybody. Even if they’re searching for “his toupee shifted“, “girlfriends of dusty springfield“, “skyline” or “hoodoo has blocked my wealth” (yes, for real).

However, on the flip side, there were many search terms that made only too much sense! Evidently, when people are looking for me, they search for “thisisashleyquinn” (Cool), “ashley quinn author” (Right on), “ashley quinn wisconsin” (Wrong state, but close enough), “ashley lesbian blog” (Hey, wait a second…), “ashley chick” (Gee, thanks a lot!) and then several variations of All That Glitters with/and Ashley Quinn.

Also, on a general but interesting note, someone from Pakistan visited my blog today – As did someone from Ireland (word up to my awesome Irish kinfolk!). I can also see, on a day to day basis, how many visitors are checking out my blog. I won’t bore you all with the rest, but there are some very interesting and detailed stats that anyone with a WordPress blog should make some time to take a look at!

But, personally, I’m still giggling at “two lesbos locked in the bathroom“.



2 responses

  1. LIZZI


    May 22, 2013 at 9:21 PM

    • Lizzi,

      Oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying – Unfortunately, the good old power of the internet brought those searching for that Ashley here instead. Not sure how I feel about a troublemaker with the same name causing chaos to the north! 🙂



      May 22, 2013 at 9:51 PM

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