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2014 – It’s The Time

The New Year is, for better or worse, a time when nearly everyone takes stock of their lives, where they’re at, what they’re doing and gives consideration for change. While I’m not really a proponent of specific New Year’s goals (i.e. I’m going to lose exactly this much weight, I’m going to save up exactly this many dollars, etc), I do think that taking a good, hard look at your life sometimes is a beneficial and wise thing to do. 2012 and 2013 were both, for many reasons, very trying years for me. However, instead of consuming myself with the “have nots” and the “what ifs”, I’ve found myself dwelling much longer lately on the future instead. It’s mine to grab hold of. I thought I would share some of my (relatively unspecific) New Year’s goals for 2014 – Perhaps not goals per se, but things that I want to revisit, focus on and dedicate energy to in the new year: (more…)



Excuse me while I vent.

Here is the background: (more…)

WordPress and Internet and SEO, Oh My!

So I’ve finally got around to playing with all of the settings and nifty features that WordPress offers bloggers (as in, yours truly) and I had to share some of the best of what I’ve discovered.

I’ve had this blog for nearly two years now and I was curious what people were typing into search engines to find me or (probably more accurately) what they typed in that landed them here, whether they meant to visit my blog or not. (more…)

I’m NOT Dead!

Ahh, it’s good to be back. Excuse me while I brush the dust off of this old blog. Anyways, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written. I haven’t been dead (which would mean I’m now brought BACK from the dead, so I’d be, like, some kind of…zombie creature? Which is just cool, except dark circles under the eyes is SO not a good look for me) nor hospitalized nor (insert terrible health emergency or injury here). (more…)

All That Glitters is OUT! Read Me, Maybe?

I am VERY pleased and excited to let everyone know that All That Glitters is officially out in both paperback and eBook formats! I am so excited to share this work with everyone and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Everything came together in a way that I’m so thrilled about and I hope readers truly enjoy a fun story with relatable characters. (more…)


I’m just going to come clean about it once and for all. We all have quirks, vices and those funny little characteristics that make us, well, US – Right? I have no problem admitting when I have a problem. And when it comes to 8-legged creatures of varying sizes that aren’t quite classified as insects but aren’t quite classified as ANYTHING ELSE IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM? I have a BIG problem. Yes, that’s right. Yours truly, Ashley, is a card-carrying, parade-marching arachnophobe.


Status Update

I’m really excited to let everyone know that I am nearly done with the final round of edits on the author/final proof copy of All That Glitters. I have been diligently living and breathing this story and am down to editing the last two chapters. I can’t emphasize how helpful it was to receive a final proof paperback copy of All That Glitters last week – It really forces you to read your book as, well, a reader! (more…)