Lightening Strikes, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice…


2014 – It’s The Time

The New Year is, for better or worse, a time when nearly everyone takes stock of their lives, where they’re at, what they’re doing and gives consideration for change. While I’m not really a proponent of specific New Year’s goals (i.e. I’m going to lose exactly this much weight, I’m going to save up exactly this many dollars, etc), I do think that taking a good, hard look at your life sometimes is a beneficial and wise thing to do. 2012 and 2013 were both, for many reasons, very trying years for me. However, instead of consuming myself with the “have nots” and the “what ifs”, I’ve found myself dwelling much longer lately on the future instead. It’s mine to grab hold of. I thought I would share some of my (relatively unspecific) New Year’s goals for 2014 – Perhaps not goals per se, but things that I want to revisit, focus on and dedicate energy to in the new year: (more…)


WordPress and Internet and SEO, Oh My!

So I’ve finally got around to playing with all of the settings and nifty features that WordPress offers bloggers (as in, yours truly) and I had to share some of the best of what I’ve discovered.

I’ve had this blog for nearly two years now and I was curious what people were typing into search engines to find me or (probably more accurately) what they typed in that landed them here, whether they meant to visit my blog or not. (more…)


Because we all could use a bit of it sometimes.

“Write it so that people can hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”

-Maya Angelou

…And that is one of many, many reasons why she is one of the greatest.


One Lovely Blog Award

I am totally elated to have come back from Minnesota to discover I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by both Chelsea and Rachel. Thank you, ladies – I’m so excited that people are reading, relating and enjoying! I’m also very happy to connect with other writers and bloggers – Pretty awesome! So here we go: (more…)


Short, simple and to the point: 10 important things I’ve learned in (almost) 27 years.


Big Things Happening…

…And it feels so good. I am VERY happy and excited in a way that I can’t quite put into words – After much back and forth, deliberation, editing, re-editing, writing, re-writing and lots, lots, LOTS of reflection and thought, I am releasing my first novel on October 1st. (more…)

Times, They Are A-Changin’!

For those that don’t know, I became a proud aunt once again nearly exactly one week ago today. My sister gave birth to a big, healthy baby boy named Sam, who already has a shock of thick, dark hair and a set of pipes on him that could easily rival Jennifer Hudson. Born in April of 2012, I couldn’t help but be jarred by the year – 2012! Every once in a while, I sit back and wonder something along the lines of “where the hell did time go?” and this was one of them. My mind spun with all of the things, memories of a childhood spent being utterly fabulous in the late ’80s and ’90s, that Sam would never know – Seemingly simple, everyday objects and pop-culture references that would be archaic and laughable to a teenaged or adult Sam.

The thought hit me like a ton of bricks, twisting my stomach, as an eerie chill crept up my spine: “Oh my GOD – Am I OLD?” (more…)