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Square Pegs Ink – Check It Out!

Check it out, guys and girls – I am always one for sharing exciting news, especially when I can proudly back it. My friend and fellow writer, Layce Gardner, recently started a publishing company with her wife (also a writer!), Saxon Bennett. If you’re familiar with any of their works (and you should be…COUGH), then you’re probably already at her blog for details! Here’s the cool information:

Square Pegs Ink


All That Glitters – The Characters

So hopefully you’ve all read All That Glitters by now…Right?! 😉 Right. Hopefully you have all laughed a lot, felt flashes of anger and sentimental at the appropriate places and been entertained for a few hours. Anyway, there is quite a spectrum of very different characters reflected in All That Glitters and a couple of people have asked me who my favorite one to write was. (more…)